As soon as it gets to desktop it shuts down. The machine was totally quiet. I was wondering which one would be the best one. G Emachines G Series: Jerry, You can try to clean the heatsink and the fan with a compressed air. The solution of using canned air to blow out the dust worked like a charm.

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What can be the problem. Great tip thanks alot, saved having to take it to a pc store to get it sorted. Do you get any LED activity at all? They both are the same size tip.

Where should I look for the dust.

Hi there, I tried the idea above of vacuming out the vents toshiba satellite m35 s359 my Toshiba laptop, as my lap top too was shutting itself off everytime i tried to play a game or watch a dvd, and it had neever done this until now. I would try to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version. I do it all the toshiba satellite m35 s359 when I am not sure if a corrupted Windows OS is causing problems. The white thing between the CPU and the heatsink is thermal grease. Boot your laptop from this Satellitf it looks like Windows n35 see if it still goes to stand by.

Any models listed below may also use Jack 15, depending on what the factory had available during manufacturing! Oh my God I travel all over the world with my laptop and could not figure out why it was shutting down. To upgrade toshiba satellite m35 s359 laptop you need just a regular 2. Thanks for any help you can offer. This bulletin documents the several different methods for gaining access to the BIOS Setup feature of most models of Toshiba computers.

This mm35 is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5. CJ, Thanks for all satellitee help.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

You can carefully remove the power button board from the top cover and connect it directly to the system toshiba satellite m35 s359, so you can turn it on. I was resigning tosyiba to a laptop repair He…. Also has anyone tried replacing the CPU. I think it could be useful for all of you with guys:.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

When you troubleshoot the laptop you physically have to remove the device from the laptop. The first time the computer overheated, the fans were on full blast for a while.

Test the laptop after you cleaned the heat sink. Try to install the memory module into the second slot. There should be a place where you can change timing for the system standby. Visit our Driver Support Page to watch toshiba satellite m35 s359 step-by-step videos on how to install drivers based on their file extension.

Toshiba Sound / Audio Drivers Download

Can I get away without it? The break point is located close to the power plug. I do not have a guide toshiiba this unit yet. With an overheating Satellite S in Toshiba satellite m35 s359, afraid of the fragile pins and with no tools to open the heat sink cover, I simply held my household vacuum cleaner nozzle over the fan intake for three minutes.

Esc key method If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicator, disconnect it.

I have a toshiba satellite s laptop. Sometimes, when the heatsink is not clogged completely, I clean it with a compressed air.

I know the wire has to be thin, but I think that it is made. I have satelltie things before, but never a motherboard. When you turn on the laptop, does the fan toshiba satellite m35 s359 spinning? When LCD inverter fails, the backlight turns off, but you still should see the desktop very dim image. If so can I upgrade from the broken nvidia go?

You mentioned that the screen is black. May have been hard drive overheating. Many emails and phone calls and I am not getting any results yet. Now it wont turn on at toshiba satellite m35 s359.

Also you can ask them to replace the CPU fan.

Enter only the model number of your product for a better result. Also toshiba satellite m35 s359 to start the laptop in Safe Mode to satellife only sxtellite Windows files. Hi, I have an AS laptop and it overheats after 10 minutes and turns off.

It is available from the Toshiba Support website. Hey Brendan, The DC jack stays away from other components, so you have enough time to heat it up. Toshiba satellite m35 s359 that you have to insert the CPU back into the socket and lock the socket. Does anyone else have any ideas on my laptop?

If you can start the laptop and get some basic video on the external screen, then most likely the motherboard with CPU are fine. Same kind of lag thing can happen with Dells when the heatsink is clogged. So I put everything back toshuba.