Contact Supplier Have a question? You migth also notice, that even though the low level operations is twice as fast, the ‘Elapsed time’ in the tests above are almost the same. But the problem is even worse now because — at the starting of OpenTOP2. You used logic analyzer but you can see only graphical values coming from LA. The requested command is unable to register the file.

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By Papat44 March 6, – 2: This error is very puzzling, and without more investigation it is difficult to determine the problem.

We are here to help! Maybe with some external driver circuits, does it possible? Then it does the top2005 universal programmer again but with the complemented pattern ‘ If need, i send the programmer for control.

Top2005 Universal Programmer

When trying to validate it afterwards, I got a bunch of read-errors, that is the bits were not stabile sometimes returns 0 and sometimes 1. By Jozsef October 4, – 5: Until we decided that we needed a low-cost test bench for testing CPLD designs and debugging some proprietary SD cards, that is!

I started by implementing the test for an 8bit SRAM that I was able to test with TopWin6 also; tried it on some working and some faulty units, top2005 universal programmer got the same results with both my test and TopWin6. I just couldn’t wait, but had to try right away. Pass me a link how top2005 universal programmer solve if you known a good one. Devices list update Revision History Here.

Fig 1 — Top2005 universal programmer Programmer. The program appears in a double-window, one of them reads Topwin6 and the other TopWinVer6.

progrqmmer I intend to try this thing with Tomrammer and see what happens, in top2005 universal programmer that I can add support for more devices and get away from using the stock top2005 universal programmer. By Elgen April 4, – 9: The requested command is unable to register the file. To get fully functional software, the software needs registration and activation code.

Cheap TOP EEPROM Programmer. It Sucks – Or Does it? | Openschemes

Reading worked fine, but as I hadn’t recieved the step-up-converter yet, I couldn’t test proramming. By Manuel February top2005 universal programmer, – 2: I will check if there are any examples in top2005 universal programmer original files, but probably the LA traces are not in the backup. By Jozsef October 8, – 8: Since the programmer can supply power from 2. Is there any way I can make work this thing?

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View my complete profile. The new version GQ-4×4 hardware has two beep sounds from programmer when it is power on. By openschemes October 4, – 7: By openschemes October 29, – 9: So in theory, this guy should be infinitely extensible if you were inclined to write new bitstreams to the FPGA and do some custom software work.

This device can drive logic-level signals onto all 40 pins unibersal a Zero Insertion Force ZIF socket, top2005 universal programmer well as providing ground, adjustable power and high-voltage programming signals onto common IC footprints. Love your repair logs mate, have learned alot top2005 universal programmer them.

Top universal programmer usb driver for windows 7 – Google Документы

Do you have libusb installed on your machine? One suggestion would be to sniff the USB communication of the vendor software to see how the commands are properly used.

Verilog but rather use the ictest.