I’m back again looking for more advice. Bridging the modem is different to wireless bridge. Thanks for the quick reply. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong? I have bridged my Netgear Rnagemax so that I can basicaly run it as an extender.

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Archive View Return to standard view. Eventually I factory reset the Netgear — set it up st536v6 usb it had always been and gave up for the night. I’m back again looking for more advice.

Can anyone recommend a wireless N modem which I can link to as a wireless access point as mentioned st536v6 usb Um, if your modem is bridged to the Linksys, that is st536v6 usb PPPoE session exists in the Linksys, then you won’t be able to access the modems web page through the router. May st536v6 usb worth investigating if you can get a second Ethernet lead run from NTD location to where you want the Asus. Thanks Dazed and Confused.

Bridge mode , adding a wireless router – Wireless – Networking

So far i have st536v6 usb the main modem to: You may currently have 2 separate networks with 2 routers. On to your specific issue.

I can get st536v6 usb all the steps st536v6 usb without too much hassle. Got the network all set up and working, but when I powered down the modem Netgear and Asus Router to move them from where I’d been working on them, it all fell apart again.

Is there something different I need to do to set it up with the static IP? I can’t get past Step 3 where I connect the router to the modem. St536v6 usb routers actually have an option in their firmware to set the router to AP st536v6 usb which automatically disables all the routing features and sets the WAN port to pick up an IP address from the upstream router.

You still have that option for the RT-AC88U, or if it’s still new maybe you can return it to the store for a refund. The Annex A st536v6 usb doesn’t work from either my laptop or st536v6 usb, and the wireless router D-Link DIR can’t establish a connection either.

Why not retype it with more detail? Seems to ush going ok. Keep up the good ysb. I turned st536v6 usb WiFi on the modem so all devices connect to the router. So here is the problem. Just statically set ip of a pc that is plugged directly into the billion, to say Then I noticed that I had two wifi networks appearing on all my devices — one st536v6 usb, one ‘Asus’ and they would work interchangably.

How can I get round this?

I’d much prefer to use the Cisco as the modem. Why do you need st536v6 usb LAN ports? I set the Netgear IP to be What I can’t figure out is how to access the Belkin modem now likely 2 scenarios: I need to turn off wireless on modem is st536v6 usb anything usg I need to disable?

What I can’t st536v6 usb out is how to access the Belkin modem now likely 2 scenarios:. Connect LAN port to main router’s Lan port Successful wired internet connection and wireless on the same device but other wireless devices failed So instead i did other option, enabling Wireless Access Point under advanced settings st536v6 usb D AFAIK nope as your main router is doing the internet connection authentication so st536v6 usb has to go through that. Oh and if it’s option st36v6 what settings do I put in do I just leave them at the default?

I am trying to do this with 2 x Open iConnect W’s.

st536v6 usb Thanks for clearing that up, was getting a bit confused. Guess what it is called. I followed st536v6 usb from this link http: I currently connect to the internet through a St536b6 RTA After being bounced around telstra tech support last night there apparently now is a problem with my line so I will have to wait till usg fixed then start from scratch st536v6 usb.

This makes me concerned that somehow the Billion is not truly just bridging and at some point maybe if the st536v6 usb are restartedaddress conflicts will again popup. I couldn’t get the connection to work with the new router.