My HC7 has the same problem that others The “hitting” solution unfortunately did not work for me and neither did contacting Sony’s on-line support technician. Okay I have been researching this a bit tape door won’t close on my HC3 which seems to have the problem and I think I have tracked down the problem to the part. Now it can’t play any tape I have never commented on a blog thread before but this made me so happy. Just neede put camera mode back on “off” and later put the powercable in and turned it on again and finally the its worked normally again.

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After the second time so far so good.

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Firefox Download the latest version. Sony handycam dcr hc48 has actually been a great camcorder. I was getting the triangle For example, this operation I created is like you reset the computer PC when windows stop working well. I still have the same door jam problem but at least I can get tapes in and out using this method.

I then put the battery back on powered on, shut the tape door and it worked. Easy step by step instructions on sending us your camcorder.

I think my camera down and up the door while is turn on. Now to read the op manual, operate camera, sony handycam dcr hc48 see sonh there are other issues. Now everything works fine. Turn the camera on tape, memory, edit settings for 15 seconds. That seemed to work for me.

After reading mostly of the advices here and many frustrating attempts with my HC3 smacking etc. Now, I was starting to break down and lose hope.

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Am still in shock that this has actually worked for me. I had exactly the same problem, I took the battery off, powered on, then pushed the reset button for 15 seconds. GridDynamics Sun, 08 Nov Wes Allen Sat, 26 Mar Jawnypants Thu, 10 Sony handycam dcr hc48 The carriage retracted and everything is good with the world again.

Thanks for the McGuyver method it worked. DCR-HC38 door wont close. I tried reset in several ways, power on, sony handycam dcr hc48 off, battery hanydcam, battery out.

Track season just started and I am the official photographer for the team and my boys who are hurdlers depend on me. Pull out tape cartridge and let the door open again. I had the same trouble – tape tray did not close. If it does not, disconnect all power, move the tape tray “in” 1 mm more, sony handycam dcr hc48 push reset and again insert the camera battery.

Thankyou to all who posted solutions, in particular the posts re battery to the motor.

This worked for me. Thanks to every one for the various methods of dealing with this annoying problem. Never buying a sony again but at least I dont dcf to bin this camera just yet. Sony handycam dcr hc48 Sat, 20 Nov I refuse to buy another Sony camcorder or Sony anything.

We are specialized in video camera repair. Be patient people as it took me over half an hour of doing all these steps – i thought i was going to be one of the unlucky ones who couldn’t fix it with the smacking and re pluging in the cord. After repeatedly unplugging the power and turning back on keeping it on vcr or camera mode, and adding the bang theory, for about 1 to 2 hours, the tape finally made its way out to a full eject.

Must take advise on legal remedies and awaken consumer agencies and the public to Sony’s post sale lack of interest in these customers Juanito Fri, 22 Jul However, after ejecting a tape, I cannot even hear it try to lift the mechanism again so I am inclined to believe a senor or something is blocking it from opening. At sonh time, my cartridge stuck at the half way, and C: Have tried violence and the turning on and off and plugging and un-plugging and battery in-and-out and and and Every time you try sony handycam dcr hc48 insert a tape, it is rejected by the hc7.

This time though, I wouldn’t handdycam out celebration in advance. My HC28’s wouldn’t close. I sony handycam dcr hc48 the bottom several times and the sony handycam dcr hc48 kicked in.

I have been a loyal Sony customer my entire life because Sony used to mean quality. I got probes so I wouldn’t have sony handycam dcr hc48 unscrew anything. I followed a lot of the instructions such as powering off the camera, removing the battery, hitting the reset button