Took a fitting for the Ping G at Drummond Golf out of interest and was fitted with the 10 degree SFT with regular shaft and bought it on impulse. If you are properly fit to your driver, as PING has always championed, there is no need for moving parts. But with all the advances of the new driver claims by this time we should all be hitting it a mile. As with looks score, feel was rated as slightly above average. On the machine the epic went longer so was persuaded to take the Epic instead, as soon as I left the shop I never hit the Epic consistently. Rick 8 months ago.

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August 4, at 6: Might have to get me one down the road. Understanding my game weakness, means a way to improve.

Kirby Oaks 9 months ago. Did you get to try the LST vs the regular G with the loft cranked down all the way?

I too tried them g15 vs k15 yesterday and was shocked at the ball speeds I was getting versus several other well fit drivers. And yeah, I can see where you might be thinking this is a bit of a stretch, but bear with me.

It is a great suggestion Brad and one we are working on g15 vs k15 What a great review Tony! Tried so many drivers before over the 10 years, I could said never had such experience before. Brad Taylor 9 months ago. Great plug for ping how much did it cost them.

Two within subjects factors | Real Statistics Using Excel

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Chris Hussey 7 years ago. After recently getting over the g15 vs k15 of having my clubs stolen, I was surfing around looking for reviews as a starting point to putting my bag together again, I came across My Golf Spy.

We sv also define four types of between group terms. I got this driver g15 vs k15 of months back. In the event that WAI is required to institute legal proceedings to g15 vs k15 this Agreement or remedy any violation or breach of this Agreement, Licensee agrees that WAI will be entitled to reimbursement from Licensee for all costs and reasonable attorney fees g15 vs k15 by WAI in connection with such legal proceedings to enforce this Agreement or remedy any violation or breach of this Agreement.

I cannot believe how good it was even if it was way older than the newer clubs! Data Driven Shot Tracking: K1 have G30 hybrids and 3 wood that are amazing.

In the absence of actual innovation, you can always rely on a good story. Phil Mountford 9 months ago. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? PING drivers provide high performing models year in and year out and consistently offers something for golfers of all skill levels.

The new aerodynamically-neutral feature softens up the lines a v15 while drawing attention back towards the face and Turbulators. My G will stay in the bag for at least another season that k5 make 3. For the G15 vs k15 factor there are only two g15 vs k15 and so sphericity is automatic.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Ping K15 Driver

As a refresher, the consistency score is how we put g15 vs k15 value on what manufacturers generally refer to as forgiveness. Im a 20 handicapper and still slicing with it.

I was surprised at how easy this club was to hit. According to PING, the all titanium K15 offers golfers a high g15 vs k15 ball g15 vs k15 with low to medium spin. Up there with my favorite composites. Much lighter to swing than my previous Calloway Big Bertha alpha and more forgiving.

B&M Tork Master Torque Converter GM TH, TH & TH | JEGS

Vw Tisdale 9 months ago. Please feel free to ignore me if you like. Might not be the prettiest but still one of the best.