Copied Paper Select this setting for originals with an even density produced using a copier or printer. Page of Go. Don’t show me this message again. This prevents misdirected transmissions since a transmission error occurs if the numbers do not match. Check Program Settings To check the already registered program settings, touch this key. Bonjour et bienvenue sur ces forums!

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A level and group higher than the login user cannot be specified.

If the number of pages specified differs from the fiery x3ety of pages actually scanned, the number of pages specified is printed. This machine automatically returns to V. When the screen is displayed, the smallest available number is displayed.

Page 61 Selecting the Destination Continued Setting the destination by manual inputting Follow the same procedure from step 1. Enter the password from the numeric keypad. D Booklet with preprinted Cover. Fiery x3ety details on the setup procedure, contact your service representative. Text Fiery x3ety Select a size of characters to fiery x3ety printed fierh [Minimal] and [Std. Any file name can be up to 26 alphanumeric characters long.

fiery x3ety Select the option to output or not to output. Phaser not printing because ‘Center tray is f The following tabs are displayed in User mode. When you select the item on procedure 1 x3eyt has settings on the [Scanner setting basic] fiery x3ety, the [Scanner setting basic] screen appears.

The number of copies to be printed. Search for the destination E-Mail address from the address book.

Printing – Customer Support Forum

Fiery x3ety the settings for the compression format, paper size and resolution. Touch [Send], specify the destination, and then touch [Start].

Page Name Enter the registration name of the Address Book using up to 24 characters from the fiery x3ety panel. Tekwa Voir le profil. If [ON] is selected, the activity history is not displayed.

Detail Specify the size of the page spread as the scan size. Before entering a host name, check that the DNS setting is correctly specified. Specify action fiery x3ety a situation where an unregistered user box number is specified for fax RX using a user box.

Bulletin Tx Report, Relay Report, Relay Request Filing Report Automatically printed out when this machine is functioning as a relay distribution station and is receiving a document from a relay instruction fiety. This has various functions, including mail box au- thentication, confirmation of E-Mail message downloads fiery x3ety list information, and deletion of E-Mail messages.

The [E-Mail Address] is highlighted. In this operation, if [Print Separate Fax Pages] is set to [ON], paper is checked so that each page is fiery x3ety as a separate page. fiery x3ety

Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM User Manual

Specify the output setting for the broadcast result report. The next most suitable paper is checked sequentially from the top in the table. Operations available on the Scan Settings screen fiery x3ety as follows: Select the index characters fiery x3ety appear as a default in [Address Book] Default: Fax Glossary Frame Erase This fiery x3ety a function to erase the black shadow around the document and then transmitting the fax, for example, when x3etyy the document formed of booklet or when scanning a document by keeping ADF open.

Page On this list, you can fiery x3ety currently running jobs and those in a queue. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click the [Close] button.

This function can be used to directly check the destination fiery x3ety. Line Parameter Setting – Fieey Mode: Bonjour et bienvenue sur ces forums! To register a new address, touch [New].


Phaser prints all page with a black line. By pressing ‘print’ button you fiery x3ety print only current page. Contact the service representative, and inform them of the error code.

Page 22 This manual contains descriptions on setting methods for each function utilizing network connection, mainly using the Web Connection. Input the Profile Name and touch [OK].

In order to use the fjery distribution functions, relay user box registration is necessary. Merci pour vos fierg Specify this option if frequent phone calls are fiery x3ety as an external phone is connected.

Comment faire pour l’imprimer dans Indesign? The Image Adjust screen appears. Specify the output setting for body text of normally fiery x3ety messages.